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Ollie's Point Wave surf Costa Rica
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Witches Rock & Ollie's Point Surf Tours

                   For intermediate to advance surfers, no Costa Rica surf vacation is complete without a day at the legendary Ollie's Point and Witches Rock surf breaks!  Located roughly one hour North from Playas del Coco, these not-to-be-missed waves are well worth the trip.  

Witches Rock (Playa Naranjo) is a 6 km long stretch of hollow beach break about 45 minutes (by boat) from Playas del Coco.  There are plenty of A-frames to be had although most prefer to stick close to the larger peaks near the river mouth.   You can usually find a nice uncrowded peak by paddling a little further down the beach.  This break fires best around the mid to high tide.  

Ollie's Point (Portrero Grande) is a point break roughly 20 minutes North of Witches Rock (Playa Naranjo) and is only accessible by boat which helps to keep the crowds down.  Ollie's gives a forgiving, long, fat right that is really best described as an all-around fun wave.  As luck would have it, Ollie's is best at low tide, so it's worth it to divide a full day of surfing between here and Witches!


Things to know:

- All surf tours to Witches Rock and / or Ollie's Point are private charters and are permitted a maximum of 7 people

  • Pickup Locations: We pickup by boat directly from the beach of all Papagayo Gulf hotels and the beaches of El Coco, Hermosa, Ocotal and Matapalo

- We do require a credit card for deposit to make reservation of all surf tours